Important Notice: Save Data Corruption Issue for PS5/PS4 EARTH DEFENSE FORCE: WORLD BROTHERS 2

Currently, we are receiving inquiries from users regarding save data corruption in EARTH DEFENSE FORCE: WORLD BROTHERS 2 for PlayStation®5 and PlayStation®4, developed by D3 Publisher Inc.

[June 3, 2024 Update]

We are pleased to inform you that a patch addressing this issue was released on May 30.

 • PS5 Version: Update Ver. 1.003
 • PS4 Version: Update Ver. 1.03

We apologize for the inconvenience and ask that you please update to the latest version.

◆ Update (PS5: Ver. 1.003, PS4: Ver. 1.03) Fixes and Changes (Released on May 30, 2024)

• Fixed issue that caused save data corruption.
• Improved game stability.
• Corrected typos in the text.
• Fixed bug where certain weapon performances differed between the menu and missions.
• Adjusted conditions for tactical officers' and operators' voice lines.
• Expanded radar range for detecting Brothers waiting to be rescued.
• Increased pickup range for small items.

» How to update your PS5/PS4

Unfortunately, we are unable to recover any save data that was corrupted or lost due to this issue. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.
Please update to the latest version to continue enjoying EARTH DEFENSE FORCE: WORLD BROTHERS 2.

[May 30, 2024]
We have confirmed the issue and are currently working on a fix. Although we cannot provide a specific date for the fix at this time, we are committed to resolving the issue as quickly as possible.

Based on the trends we’ve observed, there are two main conditions that seem to trigger this issue:
 1) When characters or emblems of the 6th team (the rightmost team on the screen) are edited and saved in the main menu.
 2) A high game completion rate (high character and weapon collection rate).

The issue is more likely to occur when both of these conditions are met.

To help you avoid this issue, we recommend taking the following steps. We apologize for not being able to provide a complete solution at this stage and for any inconvenience caused.

Suggested Temporary Measures:

• Avoid editing the 6th team (the rightmost team on the screen). Do not register characters or emblems.
• If you have already edited the 6th team, please refrain from making further edits. Do not revert the 6th team to its initial state (where only Ranger 6 is present).
• Editing teams from the 2nd to the 5th (the 2nd to 5th from the left on the screen) may cause issues if the game completion rate is high. We recommend focusing on editing and using only the 1st team as much as possible. Displaying each team using the L1/R1 tab switch is not an issue.

Precautions and Preparations for Save Data Corruption:

• To safeguard against save slot-specific save data corruption, please copy your save data to another slot from the Save Data Selection screen and maintain multiple save data records of your game progress.

• To safeguard against complete save data corruption, please back up all save data for this title. From Settings on your PS5/PS4 console, disable automatic synchronization or automatic upload of this title to online storage.
Each title has a checkbox where this setting can be adjusted. This will prevent corrupted save data from automatically syncing with your online storage save data. We recommend manually backing up and using the backed-up save data.

More information to come.

We are working to release an updated version with a fix as soon as possible. Please note that it is currently impossible to recover save data that has been corrupted or lost due to this issue.

We sincerely apologize again for any inconvenience this has caused.

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