Caligula2 Bonus Content & Update Patch Ver1.10 Release Notes

 Clouded Leopard Entertainment Inc. (CEO: Yuen-Yuen Chen) is pleased to announce the release of bonus content and a version update patch for FuRyu Corporation (CEO: Takashi Mishima)’s RPG, Caligula2, for PlayStation🄬4/Nintendo Switch™ as of today, December 22.

■Bonus Content

・Battle Music: Peter Pan Syndrome Vo. X (HK$ 54 / NT$ 227 / KRW 9,700)
・Battle Music: Tokimeki*Reverie Vo. X (HK$ 54 / NT$ 227 / KRW 9,700)
・Battle Music: Love Scope Vo. X (HK$ 54 / NT$ 227 / KRW 9,700)
・Set of 3 Battle Songs (HK$ 156 / NT$ 650 / KRW 27,800) *1
・Set of 3 Stigmas (HK$ 47 / NT$ 193 / KRW 8,300) *1

*1 This content is also included with the first purchase/early bird purchase bonus. Beware of duplicate purchases.

■Update Patch (Ver1.10)

Main changes are as follows.

【Functions Added】
●Costume function added
●Costume: Retro Tatefushi Academy Uniform added

●Additional text for WIRE implemented
●New music DLC added
 ・Peter Pan Syndrome
 ・Love Scope
●Music effect: All Parameters UP added

【Bug Fixes】
●Balance adjustment for Pocket Tissues
 ・Lowered tissues requirement from 10 to 5 in quest “For the Idol!”
 ・Lowered tissues requirement from 30 to 15 in quest “For the Fans!”
 ・When the main items of Prizes A (Remix) and C (Topic) have finished appearing, pocket tissues will appear instead of consumable items.
 ・The number of raffle tickets that can be obtained as a reward for completing the following quests has been changed from 2 to 3:
   “Should I Sample These?”
   “A Very Forbidden Box”
   “Mastering the Geek Arts”
   “The White Robe Is King”
   “Shout Out Love in a Whisper”
   “Use This for Bass Practice”
●Version added to save data file
●Changed BGM on the 4th floor of Tatefushi University Hospital after clearing:
 ver1.00 BGM: Designed desires
   ver1.10 BGM: Just Praying
●Fixed typos
●Other minor bugs fixed

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