Coming to Nintendo Switch™ Tokyo Xanadu eX+ for Nintendo Switch Traditional Chinese/Korean Versions to be released on July 13, 2023!

 Clouded Leopard Entertainment Inc. (CEO: Yuen-Yuen Chen) is pleased to announce the release of Traditional Chinese and Korean-language versions of Nihon Falcom, Ltd. (CEO: Toshihiro Kondo)’s modern action RPG, Tokyo Xanadu eX for Nintendo Switch, on Thursday, July 13, 2023, originally released on PlayStation®4 in 2016.

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■About Tokyo Xanadu eX+ for Nintendo Switch

Nihon Falcom’s first modern action RPG, Tokyo Xanadu eX+, is coming to Nintendo Switch™!
Based on Tokyo Xanadu eX+ for PlayStation®4 that was released in 2016, gameplay has been optimized to include the high-speed mode popularized in the Kiseki and Ys series! In addition, the game contains all previously distributed bonus content, including costumes and accessories for each character, as well as various useful item sets!

■First Purchase Bonus: Tokyo Xanadu Complete Works

Includes 87 songs from Tokyo Xanadu and Tokyo Xanadu eX+, including the theme song “Seize the day” and the ending theme “all is a lie”! This complete 4-disc soundtrack comes in a uniquely designed digipak.

※Please note that Tokyo Xanadu Complete Works is available exclusively as a first purchase bonus item for the package version of Tokyo Xanadu eX+ for Nintendo Switch.

■10% OFF Digital Version Pre-Orders!

The digital version of Tokyo Xanadu eX+ for Nintendo Switch will be available at a special 10% off price from the day pre-orders open on the Nintendo eShop until 23:59 (local time) on Wednesday, July 12, 2023, the day before the game’s release date.

【10%OFF Sale Period】
From the day pre-orders open until 23:59 (local time) on Wednesday, July 12, 2023



When 17 year-old high school student Kou Tokisaka encounters the nightmare realm known as the Eclipse, his world is forever changed.

Asuka Hiiragi, the class president, has just transferred back to their school in April. An attractive, cheerful, and vivacious girl, she is soon entangled within a group of foul-tempered delinquents.

“What the—what are you doing out here this late at night?!”
Sensing trouble, Kou follows them into a dark alley.

There, he is sucked into a vortex that brings him to a nightmarish, yet beautiful realm. The kidnappers attempt to flee from a monster, and Kou suddenly finds himself wielding a sword that shines as bright as hellfire...


■Main Characters

●Kou Tokisaka
VA: Shintaro Asanuma
Age: 17
Soul Device: Raging Gear

“I just finished with work, too...”

A second year student at Morimiya High School. 
Though brusque in his mannerisms, he’s not unfriendly towards others and is an archetypal modern day student all around.
Unaffiliated with any school clubs, he helps out at a number of part-time jobs and in spite of his personality on the face of things, when he sees someone in trouble, he will stick his neck out to help them, which is known to land him in trouble, as is the case when he sees Asuka that fateful night.

●Asuka Hiiragi
VA: Yu Shimamura
Age: 17
Soul Device: Ecthelion Hearts

“I'll tell you one more time. Stay out of this.”

She is Kou’s classmate and a returnee from the US. 
Though she has the treasured trifecta of good looks, great grades, and superb reflexes and is well regarded 
and trusted by her fellow students, it is all merely an act. 
In reality, every night, on orders from an organization in possession of Soul Devices, she investigates incidents related to the Other World.

●Sora Ikushima
VA: Ai Kakuma
Age: 15
Soul Device: Valiant Arms

“Now that I have this power, I know I can be of help!"

Sora is a first-year student at Morimiya High School and a member of the karate club. 
With her father as her instructor, who possesses the old school “Ikushima Style” of karate, she showcased a gifted ability in the martial arts from a young age. 
Though her discipline in her karate training at the club remains unwavering, rifts start to emerge between her and the senior members she was once friendly with due to the uniquely strong influence of the other dimension, as well as her pure, front-facing demeanor.

●Yuuki Shinomiya
VA: Daiki Yamashita
Age: 16 
Soul Device: Cavalry Mace

“Talented? Don’t you mean genius?”

A prodigy with an IQ over 180, and a Morimiya High School freshman who excels in programming and hacking. 
Although he is only 16, he has amassed a considerable sum of money through application development and stock trading, and lives on his own in a luxury apartment in the city. 
He is enrolled in school only to graduate and receive a diploma, and only attends school the minimum number of days required for credit acquisition. Yuuki developed a fortune-telling app called “As God Says”, which is popular among young people and students. However, it becomes the root of an incident he gets caught up in.

●Mitsuki Hokuto
VA: Haruka Yamazaki
Age: 18 
Soul Device: Mystic Node

“I’d like to help as myself, and not just as a member of Zodiac.”

She is the student council president of Morimiya High School and daughter of the “Hokuto Group,” Japan’s leading enterprise. 
Generally, she has a kind and calm personality, but she’s also skilled in the art of negotiation thanks to 
her leadership studies. 
Mitsuki’s father was supposed to succeed the Hokuto Group, but he died. Her grandfather, the current president, anticipates Mitsuki to take his place, and drags her into the issue of who will be the successor.
She seems to have some knowledge of the relationship between “Zodiac” and the Other World, as well as the organization Asuka belongs to.

●Shio Takahata
VA: Kosuke Toriumi
Age: 18 
Soul Device: Vorpal Weapon

“That power, how did you get it?”

With his large build, he is incredibly strong, as well as Morimiya High School’s number one delinquent. 
With a reticent personality and one-track mind, he doesn’t laze around town or start meaningless fights either. 
In the past, he was the leader of the famous delinquent group “BLAZE,” and was the admiration of its members. But a year has passed since the incident that gave him reason to step down as the group’s leader.
After that, rumors began surfacing that the team had disseminated. But now someone is going around misrepresenting themselves as BLAZE and causing various incidents.

●Rion Kugayama
VA: Manami Numakura
Age: 17 
Soul Device: Seraphim Layer

“...I think it's time you learned just how strong an idol can be!”

Rion is a popular second-year high school student, an idol with coquettish looks and behavior. 
She is a member of the five-girl idol group SPiKA, and despite her light appearance, she is a hard worker 
who polishes her performance daily through lessons. 
When other people are around, she acts completely devoted to her idol life, but on her own she reveals her true self, and once someone has seen that, she acts defiantly towards them.



●Morimiya City
A key city with a population of 400,000 located in the suburbs of Tokyo (also known as the Tama area). 
The city has a mixture of both tradition and modernity, where older streets and historical buildings co-exist with large shopping malls, government buildings, and business offices. The Public Transportation Agency transformed Morimiya Train Station into a first-class transportation hub by establishing 3 train lines operated by both Public and Private railway companies. The city-owned monorail line was added 8 years ago to serve cities in the Tama area. The state also helped built Morimiya Memorial Park in the Northwestern part of the city.

Greed are creatures that wander the Other World, their true identities unknown. 
Coming in a variety of types, shapes, and sizes, they don’t, however, grow and reproduce like normal living creatures; they are instead believed to be extradimensional spirits, possibly the creation of someone.
Normal weapons from the real world are ineffective against them; only Soul Devices can hurt them. 

●Soul Device
Soul Device are special armaments that the “qualified” or “chosen”, those with ties to the Other World can manifest. 
Possessing myriad possible forms, no two Soul Devices are alike. 
Specially made up of spirit particles and materials from the Other World, it’s effective at dealing damage to the Greed, as normal physical attacks otherwise do little to them.

SPiKA is a five-girl idol group currently enjoying popularity. 
They are a charming orthodox group who demonstrate full-blown singing ability and cute dances, and have of course attracted attention in the music scene. Although it started with three members (including Rion) who come from the same training school, last year, it added two new members. 
The reborn SPiKA restarted its activities and became even more popular, with their representative song being “Shooting Star of Love,” which is the theme song to the TV animation Mahou Shoujo: Magical Alisa.


Tokyo Xanadu eX+ for Nintendo Switch Product Details

NameTokyo Xanadu eX+ for Nintendo Switch
(Traditional Chinese Version)
Tokyo Xanadu eX+ for Nintendo Switch
(Korean Version)
GenreUrban Mythological Action RPG
PlatformNintendo Switch™
Release DateJuly 13, 2023 (scheduled)
MSRP[Package/Digital Versions]
$285 HKD / $1,150 NTD
[Package/Digital Versions]
48,800 KRW
RatingRating PendingRating Pending
SubtitlesTraditional ChineseKorean
DistributorClouded Leopard Entertainment Inc.
Copyright©Nihon Falcom Corporation. All rights reserved.
Licensed to and published by Clouded Leopard Entertainment Inc.

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