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Using our success in the Asian market as a launching pad,
our next goal is to go global with worldwide services!


Clouded Leopard Entertainment Inc.

  • Development
  • Localization
  • Marketing
  • Publishing
  • Asia

  • North America

  • Europe

  • China

CLE IMPORT A reliable outlet for your games!

CLE's Latest EndeavorCreating a pathway for new games to go global! CLE INDEPENDENT IP INDUSTRY

Clouded Leopard Entertainment’s goal is to support up-and-coming content creators from around the world in order to help them reach a global audience. Using a strategy that emphasizes quality, even smaller-scale projects will have a chance to shine in a market otherwise dominated by big-name developers. This business also aims to go beyond games, allowing creators to bring immersive fantasy worlds and characters with profound backstories to life.

Project Background

AAA Title development costs on the rise ⇒ With the evolution of middleware, high-end production pathways are increasing. Small business scale of indie games ⇒ Ingenuity has mass appeal, but lower development costs imply lower sales volume. Our business seeks sustainable game development for the increasingly high-end consumer market.

Our PolicyTo provide users with the best possible gaming experience.

  • Master Development
    Proposing and developing original content for each region.
    • Multilingual Master Development
    • Original DLC Development
    • Original SKU Planning
  • Localization
    Providing efficient localization services without compromising on quality.
    • Multilingual Translation Support
    • Localization Proposal
    • Localization Quality Supervision
    • Localization Consulting
  • Marketing
    Budgeting around the concept of solidarity with the users is key to success.
    • Local Staff Support
    • PR Planning for Each Region
    • Regional Social Media Operation
    • Community Management
    • Event Planning and Management
  • Publishing
    SKU planning and step-by-step development with local distributors.
    • Introduction of Physical Products to Asian Region Market
    • Negotiation with Local Distributors
    • Multi-Platform Progress
    • Content Management (DLC, Patches)
    • Related Product Sales Channel Development

Based on our many years of experience in the field of game software, we have established a total support system, including personnel, in the regions in which we operate. By focusing on each of these areas, we can bring out the greatest potential of your products in order to maximize your business.

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