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Märchen Forest


This game is an upgraded version of Märchen Forest: Mylne and the Forest Gift, a dungeon crawler RPG originally released as a smartphone app in 2015. The PC version contains all-new content and has been remastered for re-release in 2021.

The game is divided into three parts, starting in the adorable Mysterious Forest. Things gradually become darker (though still cute!) as the story progresses.
There are many surprises in store, including a compelling plot and surprisingly challenging gameplay.


Mylne, the heroine, explores the Mysterious Forest and Underground Ruins in this 3-part story. In-game atmosphere and play style varies between chapters.

Part I

Go on a potion ingredient-hunting adventure for your grandfather, helping out fellow forest-dwellers along the way!

Part II

Search for your long-lost mother and take on the underground ruins beneath the forest!
Battle enemies and collect valuables while balancing your health/food supplies in this hack and slash dungeon crawler!

Part III

Uncover the truth within the darkness of the underground ruins!
Various elements such as abilities, camping, and combat techniques have been added, enriching the RPG gameplay experience!


Take control with real-time battle commands!
Observe the enemy's attacks and make the perfect retaliatory strike!
Go for massive damage by parrying and using your Secret Skills!


The Young Forest Apothecary


Voiced by Ayana Taketatsu

Mylne is an apprentice apothecary who lives with her grandfather deep in the Mysterious Forest.
Though not yet able to brew her own potions, she is a lively and popular figure among the other forest residents.
The whereabouts of her parents is unknown, but Mylne doesn’t let it get her down.

The Amnesic Assistant


Voiced by Kanon Takao

A girl Mylne encounters in an unknown cave deep within the forest, Rosetta has lost her memory, making her true identity a mystery.
She has a keen interest in relics, serving as an item appraiser and shopkeeper.
As the story progresses, Rosetta accompanies Mylne on her dungeon crawl adventure.



The limited edition box contains an exclusive, deluxe figurine!


  • TitleMärchen Forest
  • PlatformsNintendo Switch™
  • GenreDungeon Crawler RPG
  • Release Date2021/1/28
  • Player(s)1
  • RatingIARC 3+ (Fantasy Violence)
  • MSRPDigital Version: US$ 34.99
    Package Version: US$ 34.99
    Limited Edition w/Figurine: US$ 94.99