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In order to build his strength, Kuuta, the lone survivor of the battle of Onigashima,
challenges the departed spirits of demon warriors to trials.
All in order to defeat Momotaro, who is both human and monster...

Kuuta (sky), a demon, and his partner, Kazemaru (wind): a tale of sky and wind as they embark upon an island quest.
Immerse yourself in the all-encompassing, yet tiny world by up-and-coming creator KENEI DESIGN!



A soldier in the Demon King's army.
The sole survivor of the battle with Momotaro on Onigashima Island. On Kisejima Island, where the spirits of demon warriors lie dormant, he vows to overthrow Momotaro and undergoes trials to become stronger.
He is quiet and does not speak much, but Kuuta is determined to become as strong as he can. It is said that he once lived among humans in the past...


A mysterious, ghostlike spirit on Kisejima Island.
It acts as Kuuta's training partner, aiding him in battle with its unique ability to extract spirits from their enemies. It is unclear why Kazemaru exists in the first place.
A real chatterbox.


A merchant whose history with Kuuta is long and bitter.
He followed Kuuta to Kisejima Island, where the demon came to train for his trials. Zenisuke trades mushrooms that grow in clusters for money in exchange for Kuuta's clubs, demon clothing, food, and other items.
Though always grateful for Kuuta's help, he never forgets to take what is rightfully his.

Baby Boar

A young wild boar that lives on Kisejima Island.
It mainly eats mushrooms and lives a carefree life. When Kuuta calls, it comes running. Baby Boar carries Kuuta on its back as it traverses the island.


A mysterious girl on the island of Kisejima.
She was raised by her father, a fisherman, and her kind mother. She looks fragile and weak, but she is strong and surprisingly stubborn. Kanna meets Kuuta by chance when he comes ashore to undergo a trial, and the two begin to bond. She seems to be pained by the conflict between humans and demons...
Loves tofu.



Kisejima Island is divided into three main areas, and 12 trials await you in each area. The trials can be completed by speaking to the phantoms, or the spirits of demons that roam the island. The game's main objective is to search for these phantoms while exploring Kisejima's natural beauty.

The phantoms that preside over each trial are the spirits of demons who have been defeated by Momotaro.
Do their bitter words hold a hidden meaning?


A variety of challenges await you in the trials, from breaking the enemy's formation to escorting friends to safety. Sometimes the battlefield is wider or narrower, while in others, you take on enemies one after another, like in a side-scrolling game.


An enemy's spirit is separate from its physical body, and the spirit must first be destroyed in order to claim victory.
The spirit can be freed from its body by either physical force (an attack from Kuuta) or by being extracted by Kazemaru. Watch out--if the spirit is not destroyed, it will eventually return to its body and continue fighting!

Depending on how strong an enemy is, Kuuta might not be able to destroy its spirit using a single blow.
The key to defeating Momotaro is consistency. Keep on fighting until the very end!

Kazemaru Mode

By switching modes, you can control Kuuta with the left stick and Kazemaru with the right stick at the same time. The two act in tandem, with Kuuta attacking at close range and Kazemaru drawing out spirits when the enemy is a little further away. Be sure to keep an eye on the Kazemaru energy gauge in the upper right corner of the screen, though!

In addition, the Astral Projection technique allows Kuuta to jump instantly to Kazemaru's location! This lets you close in on quick targets and escape from sticky situations during battle.

Spirit Slayer

If more than one spirit emerges from an enemy, you can destroy them all in succession using the Spirit Slayer combo attack!
Successful Spirit Slayer combo attacks fill the Kazemaru energy gauge in the upper right corner of the screen more rapidly.
This energy can be used to recover Kuuta's HP. Aim to set your own combo streak record!

Special Moves

When the gauge in the upper left corner of the screen is full, Kuuta can use a special move. Kuuta's initial skill is invincibility, which allows him to move quickly without taking damage from enemies.
He can break through a wall of enemies, bounce off obstacles using a shockwave, and wipe them all out with a series of Spirit Slayer attacks!

Defeat the legendary demons in each area to learn their unique special moves. By defeating Bunta in Area 1, Kuuta will learn the doppelganger technique!

Tag (1)

The spirits of defeated demons are scattered across Kisejima Island, and they can be detected with Kazemaru's radar.
When the spirits are brought to a Jizo statue, their strength is added to Kuuta's.
So seek out as many wandering spirits as you can to gain strength.

Tag (2)

Finding spirits is vital, but collecting them may attract some unwanted attention...
The monster Kuron cannot be defeated, which means Kuuta has no choice but to flee from him when he appears.
You can dodge Kuron's attacks by carrying a Decoy Doll item.
Additionally, Kuron will lose sight of Kuuta when he gets near a Keystone.
Keep the Keystone's location in mind when on the hunt for spirits!

Red Seals

Kuuta can earn Red Seals by completing missions, such as "Defeat 50 Black Demons", and Kuuta's base stats will increase according to each mission's difficulty!


A merchant whose history with Kuuta is long and bitter.
He followed Kuuta to Kisejima Island, where the demon came to train for his trials. Zenisuke trades mushrooms that grow in clusters for money in exchange for Kuuta's clubs, demon clothing, food, and other items.

Treasure Chests

Treasure chests are scattered across the island, containing mushrooms and other rare items.
Sometimes they are located in difficult to reach places... and one chest in particular may even contain the most powerful weapon ever made.

Baby Boar

A wild boar that lives on Kisejima Island. He comes running whenever Kuuta calls, and by riding Baby Boar, Kuuta can get around faster than by walking. There is also a mini-game where you guide Baby Boar through rings to win!

The Mushroom Clan

A mysterious tribe called the Mushroom Clan lives on the island.
Rumor has it that if you give them rare mushrooms, they will offer something special in return…


On Kisejima Island, various letters and documents have washed ashore that describe events that occurred there in the past. You may just uncover some interesting information about the island's history…


Product Details

ONI: Road to be the Mightiest Oni
3D Action
Nintendo Switch™/PlayStation®5/PlayStation®4/Steam®
Release Date
March 9, 2023
Digital Version: $29.99 USD / €29.99 EUR
IARC: 7+ (Mild Violence)
Subtitles: Japanese / English / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Korean / French / Italian / German / Spanish
※ French/Italian/German/Spanish to be added in a future patch.
In Collaboration With
Shueisha Games
Clouded Leopard Entertainment Inc.